Consumers are dictating expectations for shipping requirements, and retailers are scrambling to comply. A better understanding of shipping cost and performance enables carriers to better optimize their logistics strategies. Atlas maps the entire U.S. e-commerce logistics universe with exceptional insight so you can improve performance, uncover efficiencies, and help your clients.

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  • World’s largest online shopper panel

    More than a half million packages tracked daily from more than 5.5 million online shoppers.

  • Real-time shipping information

    Get the data you need, fast and keep you finger on the pulse of e-commerce fulfillment logistics.

  • Unparalleled insights

    See the entire scope of shipping patterns across carriers and deliver satisfaction to your retailer clients.

The Shipping Data You Need Now

How are your competitors keeping up with the consumer’s ever-increasing shipping requirements? Let Atlas be your guide. Knowing what shipping solutions and strategies are succeeding, and with whom, are vital pieces to the complicated, rapidly growing and changing e-commerce fulfillment industry. No more waiting until the end of the year for this critical data. Know what you need to know, now. The more quickly you can understand how shipping expectations are changing from a consumer’s perspective, the better equipped you’ll be to optimize your logistics.

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Uncover the drivers of the shipping industry

Atlas gives you unparalleled insight into how packages are shipped across the country. Know how long it takes to ship a package after the consumer hits the “buy” button. Know the contents of the package. Know the exact route taken by the package. And learn how to improve your shipping practices to better optimize your entire shipping ecosystem. Atlas allows you to see what was previously invisible, and at speeds which were previously untouchable. Atlas is your map to success.

  • Real-time data

    Access information months before anyone else

  • Deliver happiness to customers

    Tailor your shipping practices to the needs of individual clients

  • Differentiate through shipping

    Ship effectively and efficiently, setting yourself apart from the other fulfillment companies

  • Protect yourself

    Decrease insurance headaches by knowing the contents of each box

  • See everything

    Get deeper, richer data than ever before

  • The largest e-commerce panel

    More than 5.5 million U.S. online shoppers under measurement

  • Data Depth

    Any shipper, and any brand, at any time

    Peer into every corner of the shipping process with an infinite level of detail across the largest e-commerce dataset

  • Domestic Data

    Unparalleled visibility into the U.S. parcel shipping market

    Outperform standard, customs-based datasets by seeing actual movements within the U.S. every step of the way and with incredible, zip code-level visibility

  • Track Everything

    Access all tracking-related attributes

    Access tracking details that were previously unavailable, including the exact time between scans, a complete breakdown of the shipment journey, and even the hand-offs between carriers along the way

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