Hospitality and travel

The business of travel has seen considerable disruption over the last decade and it shows no signs of slowing down. Whether you’re in accommodations, air travel, or guest experiences, Rakuten Intelligence has the data and insights you need to take action on changes in consumer trends. As consumers adjust their travel methods and preferences, the data required to understand your consumers is changing, too.

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  • All traditional and alternative travel brands in one view

    Know what factors are driving decisions in travel brands and services.

  • Track buying behavior over time

    Understand consumer travel preferences, loyalty, and affinities.

  • Detailed buyer data across all e-commerce

    Measure buying behavior in any sector to inform your marketing strategies and partnerships.

Competitive insights

Discover what and who drives your growth--and what’s working for your competitors. Our data gives you the information you need to win at the market level, help you better understand your customers. Rakuten Intelligence gives you the insights you need to better serve your loyal, high-spend buyers, increase repeat spend, and grow wallet share. With Rakuten Intelligence, you’ll get smarter about your own business and learn about what your competitors are doing successfully.

  • Merchandising

    Create more effective offers based on historical purchase behavior.

  • Buyer behavior and preferences

    Improve your marketing strategies with unparalleled behavioral data and customer segmentation.

  • Buyer journey

    Capture a bigger piece of the market by understanding where you are winning or losing customers.

  • Competitor visibility

    Stay ahead of the market and detect disruption

    First-party data is no longer good enough. To understand how well you are performing, you need a complete view of the online travel and hospitality market. Our data offers visibility across brands and markets, and against the rest of your industry.

  • Buyer loyalty

    Attract and retain new guests by understanding traveler preferences

    Know your best customers and what makes them prefer your brand, and learn what sends them away. With insights into preferences across not only travel and hospitality, but all online buying behavior, you can make decisions that keep guests coming back.

  • Protecting consumer privacy

    We are committed to keeping our data private and secure

    Our security protocols require that we encrypt our data and remove any personal identifiers before we offer it to our clients. Moreover, we clearly communicate our data collection practices to consumers with plain-English disclosures and opt-ins.

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