Shipping, delivery, and logistics

Consumers dictate expectations for shipping, and retailers are scrambling to comply. Rakuten Intelligence provides unrivalled visibility into omnichannel strategies and performance to help carriers, 3PLs, and retailers uncover opportunities to serve customers and gain competitive advantages. With fresh data each month, we deliver the most detailed and comprehensive information about e-commerce shipping available.

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  • Full nationwide coverage

    We track 20 million packages through 200 million scans per month.

  • Real-time shipping information

    The logistics industry is moving too fast to rely on last year’s data.

  • Detailed reporting by parcel, carrier, and retailer

    Order and package details and shipping patterns by ZIP code.

Uncover the drivers of the shipping industry

Rakuten Intelligence gives parcel carriers, retailers, and industrial realty firms timely insights into the most impactful drivers of the omnichannel logistics business. Whether it’s knowing how quickly packages are shipping, uncovering the most efficient routes, or planning where to build warehouses, Rakuten Intelligence illuminates the entire U.S. omnichannel logistics landscape, providing the guidance needed to improve shipping practices and better optimize logistics networks.

  • Deliver happiness to customers

    Tailor your practices to the needs of your individual clients.

  • Optimize your logistics network

    Ship effectively and efficiently, setting yourself apart from your competitors.

  • Achieve full online fulfillment visibility

    The complete omnichannel landscape, at your fingertips.

  • Last mile visibility

    Any carrier, any retailer, at any time

    Peer into every corner of the shipping process with incredible detail across the largest e-commerce dataset. Outperform standard, outdated, customs-based datasets by seeing actual package movements within the U.S. every step of the way, at the ZIP-level.

  • Track everything

    Analyze the entire shipping journey, fast

    Access tracking details that were previously unavailable, including the exact time between scans, a complete breakdown of the shipment journey, and even the hand-offs between carriers along the way.

  • What’s in the box

    Visibility into package contents and order details

    Sourcing and inventory decisions shouldn’t be made in the dark. Find that perfect balance between time and distance by product to be able to get your shipments to customers when they need them.

  • Protecting consumer privacy

    We are committed to keeping our data private and secure

    Our security protocols require that we encrypt our data and remove any personal identifiers before we offer it to our clients. Moreover, we clearly communicate our data collection practices to consumers with plain-English disclosures and opt-ins.

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