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It’s not enough to rely strictly on your own internal key performance indicators. In e-commerce today, success lies with those who are more effective than their competitors, which requires an understanding of your own performance relative to the market. Only Rakuten Intelligence keeps you ahead of the competition with the essential data you need to win in the dynamic and increasingly critical e-commerce channel.

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  • The largest e-commerce panel

    Millions of shoppers under measurement.

  • The most comprehensive shopper data anywhere

    Longitudinal behavior from item-level transactions across all devices.

  • Benchmark performance and drivers

    A complete view of e-commerce, across any brand and hundreds of retailers.

Actionable insights

Uncover the rich insights and complex narratives that drive the evolution of e-commerce with data reports created for your industry. Discover what and who drives your growth--and what’s working for your competitors. Our data will give you the information you need to improve your performance, better understand your customers, and improve your online marketing and merchandising strategies. Armed with Rakuten Intelligence, you’ll get smarter about your own business--while seeing what’s behind the curtain of your competitors’ businesses.

  • Merchandising

    Make better merchandising decisions with buyer and competitor visibility.

  • Buyer behavior and preferences

    Improve your marketing strategies with unparalleled behavioral data.

  • Differentiate through shipping

    Ship smarter: Optimize fulfillment investments and increase customer satisfaction.

  • Comprehensive insights

    Get a deeper view into data that matters

    Visibility into your own data is just table stakes. Rakuten Intelligence will help you run the table with a detailed view of all online sales and competitor performance data, giving you unmatched visibility into your business and industry.

  • Buyer behavior

    Attract and retain new buyers

    Learn how to attract and retain your best customers, with visibility into all corners of buyer behavior across merchants and brands, over time. Dig into item level data to uncover opportunities to grow your customer base and how much they spend with you.

  • Emerging trends

    Be the first to know

    With billions of transactions captured daily, Rakuten Intelligence measures trends as they happen, allowing brands and retailers to discover emerging threats and opportunities before anyone else.

  • Beat the competition

    Be the David that defeats Goliath

    In the world of e-commerce, the titans dominate, and while defeating them will take a heroic effort, we can help you optimize your e-commerce strategies so you can thrive by capitalizing on industry growth and changes in consumer buying behavior.

  • Understand and optimize logistics investments

    Shipping speeds, rates, and insights at the market level

    Open up your understanding of how shipping is impacting market performance by tracking package details all items sold online, from order, through shipment, to delivery, with incredibly detailed visibility.

  • Protecting consumer privacy

    We are committed to keeping our data private and secure

    Our security protocols require that we encrypt our data and remove any personal identifiers before we offer it to our clients. Moreover, we clearly communicate our data collection practices to consumers with plain-English disclosures and opt-ins.

Customer Story

"Slice Intelligence has been an indispensable partner in helping us to understand emerging online trends, and to substantiate key hypotheses within in e-commerce. The insights and visibility that Slice Intelligence offers are unparalleled in the industry."

— Lauren Marks, E-Commerce Shopping Experiences Manager

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