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E-commerce allows investors to understand company performance with more speed and accuracy than ever before. Measured from several data sources that provide insights into online transactions, clickstream, and app usage from millions of U.S. online shoppers, Rakuten Intelligence offers detailed anonymized data that uncovers trends, reveals critical insights, and detects early market movements.

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  • Map the total e-commerce landscape

    From ticker reports of public companies to emerging players, our data enables detail and accuracy.

  • Act fast on fresh consumer trends

    Measured by actual buyer behavior, not just buzz.

  • Capture detailed, item-level transactional data

    Billions of transactions, from direct-to-consumer sales to what’s in the basket.

Know first, act smarter

By measuring the velocity of growth for online brands and retailers, Rakuten Intelligence allows you to discover growth trends and understand the performance of rising upstarts. Find the growth metrics that evaluate corporate health and make the best, most informed decisions with your investment capital using Rakuten Intelligence.

  • Track user growth

    Monitor online user growth to measure and anticipate company performance.

  • Cross-category benchmarking

    Measure any name against industry or competitor averages.

  • Longitudinal data

    Observe changes in consumer loyalty and product adoption.

  • Data quality

    Extensive and timely industry coverage

    Accurately assess company performance with longitudinal coverage of billions of e-commerce data points from top-level industry categories across all online merchants.

  • Monitor growth

    Stay ahead of the market by tracking digital footprints

    Instantly access fastest-growing companies and their future earning potential by exploring growth factors that impact performance from up to five years of historical data.

  • From insights to action

    Benchmark newcomers against category leaders

    Gain visibility into the entire e-commerce landscape with unrivaled coverage, whether you’re evaluating wholesale categories or specific direct-to-consumer brands.

  • Protecting consumer privacy

    We are committed to keeping our data private and secure

    Our security protocols require that we encrypt our data and remove any personal identifiers before we offer it to our clients. Moreover, we clearly communicate our data collection practices to consumers with plain-English disclosures and opt-ins.

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