Digital native brands

Digital native brands and services--from apparel brands to the gig economy--have completely upended the tech sector and changed how consumers not only shop, but how they behave. While these innovations create new economies, they also pose serious threats to incumbents. Our insights reveal the metrics and drivers behind the buzz, so you better understand consumers, business health, and the competitive landscape.

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  • Map the total brand landscape

    Transaction-level measurement of even the smallest brands made from our proprietary panel.

  • Know everything about ride sharing

    Metrics on volume, pricing, and consumer behavior, by market.

  • Every ingredient in the food delivery business

    From market share to consumer spending and everything in-between.

Actionable insights

With the rapid rise in new digital brand launches and new travel services, it’s impossible to keep on top of the latest trends if your data is based on what happened last quarter. To complicate the picture, the online channel has given rise to product innovations across every category, from footwear to personal care, that are redefining those categories altogether. Rakuten Intelligence measures all e-commerce, with in-depth visibility of the new products and services that are upending traditional players, from a massive panel made up of millions of online shoppers. Because our data is captured from actual transactions over time, we can measure whose consumers these digital native brands are capturing, and at what rate, enabling our clients to quickly take action on their product innovation and investment strategies.

  • Spot new brands and retailers

    Measure performance of any retailer, large and small, over time.

  • Know exactly which items are gaining popularity

    Item-level insights into the brands and services that are impacting your business.

  • Differentiate through shipping

    Ship smarter and stay ahead of consumer expectations.

  • Total market measurement

    See competitor data that matters most

    It’s no longer enough to see how much your competitors are selling, you need to understand the drivers behind their business. Get visibility across retailers at the item level, with the most comprehensive set of competitor performance data on the market.

  • Buyer affinity

    See which new brands, services, and retailers are capturing your customers

    Which new brands have your customers’ attention? Get crucial insights to understand buying behavior so you can identify potential threats, unlock opportunities to innovate, and improve loyalty. Get the data you need to grow your customer lifetime value.

  • Strategic insights

    Stay ahead of an ever-changing marketplace

    New digital native brands and hot new services pop up all the time. We can help track consumer demand, pricing, and merchandising strategies to identify opportunities for product innovation and investment.

  • Protecting consumer privacy

    We are committed to keeping our data private and secure

    Our security protocols require that we encrypt our data and remove any personal identifiers before we offer it to our clients. Moreover, we clearly communicate our data collection practices to consumers with plain-English disclosures and opt-ins.

Customer Story

"We use Slice to better understand competitive activity and the impact it is having on the category. Access to this data has enabled our marketing teams to make quick business decisions that delivered immediate market share gains."

—Christina Cartwright, Director of Brand Marketing

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