From insights to action

Rakuten Intelligence unveils the insights you need to quickly take action on market trends and changes in consumer buying behavior. Whether it's a new competitor, new format, or fulfillment challenge, our data informs impactful strategies you can measure.

  • Expert

    Bringing the best industry coverage, from millions of online shoppers under measurement.

  • Timely

    The e-commerce landscape demands rapid intelligence. Last quarter is too late.

  • High-definition

    Reporting item-level data from all retailers and brands, over time by demographic and geography.

  • Market measurement for enterprise

    Retailers and brands

    Market measurement meets the modern age. Stay ahead of the competition with the most comprehensive online shopping data from the largest e-commerce panel.

  • E-commerce disruptions at your door

    Digital native brands

    Reveal the performance metrics and drivers behind the buzz to better understand the rise of innovative digital brands and services.

  • Crossing boundaries in experiential travel

    Hospitality and travel

    As consumers adjust their travel methods and preferences, get ahold of critical data and insights to understand how consumers are changing, too.

  • Mapping your e-commerce fulfillment strategy

    Shipping, delivery, and logistics

    Gain unprecedented visibility into omnichannel fulfillment strategies and performances to identify opportunities to add value to customers’ logistics networks.

  • Investor intelligence at your fingertips

    Investment professionals

    Access product-level transaction data and clickstream data on all e-commerce retailers and brands to inform intelligent investment decisions.


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