How we do what we do.

We combine traditional market research know-how with Silicon Valley thinking to devise new ways of collecting e-commerce data. From start to finish, our process yields better, faster, more accurate insights.

The Old Way vs.

Our Way

  • Scanner Panels

    • OLD WAY

      With a small sample and burdensome input, this method yields incomplete data from a panel that is not representative of online shoppers.

    • OUR WAY

      Thanks to our consumer apps, we have a panel of over 5 million passive reporters. Not only is our data representative, it’s also complete. There is no need to manually scan any item—we’ll do it, automatically.

  • Point-of-Sale

    • OLD WAY

      Point-of-sale measurement offers a lot of rich data, but not for some key categories. With major online retailers not participating, and no connection to the consumer, this data isn’t all that useful in the online world.

    • OUR WAY

      With our connection to consumers, we can see what was purchased, for how much, and from where. We work well with major online retailers, and our large panel allows us access to data from key categories like CPG.

  • Loyalty Cards

    • OLD WAY

      Provides rich longitudinal and basket data on a retailer-by-retailer basis, but does not capture shopping behavior across all retailers or industries.

    • OUR WAY

      Rakuten Intelligence captures all purchases, across all retailers, and all categories, providing a comprehensive view of the online shopper.

  • Credit Card Data

    • OLD WAY

      Buying data from credit card companies allows access to massive panels, but the data is limited to the transaction level. There is no item data, meaning there is no way to know what was bought, or for how much.

    • OUR WAY

      With granularity that rivals that of point-of-sale data, we provide a more robust view of the desired data, at the item level. Not only do we know where something was purchased, but what was bought for how much, and how that behavior changes over time.

  • Clickstream

    • OLD WAY

      This data comes from a large panel, but more accurately measures intent to purchase than actual purchase behavior. With increased security, cookie deletion, and private browsing, this data is increasingly unreliable as a measure of e-commerce.

    • OUR WAY

      We see purchase data on an item level because e-receipts always land in the user’s inbox. There are no assumptions or trends that need to be focused on to get our answers. Everything we need is delivered right to us.

Our Commitment to Privacy

We deliver the best results to you by respecting the privacy of the consumers in our panel. That’s why we’re committed to the security, privacy, and transparency of use of our consumer data.

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