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Our history

  • Rocket science meets data science

    Born in Silicon Valley and led by industry leaders with a wealth of market measurement expertise, Rakuten Intelligence is the product of years of asking the question: how can e-commerce transactions give us a better understanding of company performance and anticipate consumer preferences?

  • A new era of market research

    For decades, marketers have relied on surveys, complex projections, and small panels to understand shopper behaviors. The advent of machine learning enables a new era in market research where large volumes of data from millions of consumers can be used to accurately measure consumer buying behavior and preferences. Rakuten Intelligence, with the largest, most representative e-commerce panels in the world, precisely measures what others have only been able to approximate, revealing new insights about online consumer trends, retailers, brands and logistics companies. This superior research methodology eliminates the need to use less reliable, more time consuming traditional research methodologies.

  • At the forefront of omnichannel measurement

    As an independent subsidiary of Rakuten, Rakuten Intelligence is fundamentally changing the precision with which online services and e-commerce companies are measured, giving our clients the critical insights they need to quickly act on industry shifts and consumer buying preferences.

    In partnership with NPD and Nielsen, the world’s most respected measurement firms, Rakuten Intelligence’s data measurements are normalized across retailers and structured into an industry-wide taxonomy and catalog. All of this happens with speed and accuracy, and is reported daily. Our panel is recruited through a diverse portfolio of sources, including the popular Rakuten Slice app which enables shoppers to organize, track, and save money on their online purchases; and the Unroll.Me service which reduces inbox clutter.

  • Defining the standard for consumer privacy and data security

    At Rakuten Intelligence, we embrace a culture of innovation in market measurement, which extends to our practices in data security and offering transparency in our communication with panelists, who receive clear, plain-English disclosures of our privacy and data collection practices. In addition, we have established rigorous security protocols for our services and practices, including:

    • We encrypt sensitive data, including anything that could identify an individual.
    • We regularly monitor, scan, and test for vulnerabilities in our production systems.
    • Access to our databases is limited, and employees who have access must complete ongoing privacy and security training.

    Furthermore, our team of market measurement innovators is working to define the standards for consumer privacy in our industry, and consumer privacy is at the center of everything we do. In addition to a clear, concise privacy policy, we offer transparent, plain-English disclosures to our panelists.

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