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Slice Intelligence Announces New CEO and Rakuten Intelligence Name

by Arye Zucker - July 16, 2018

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With over 1.2 billion members worldwide, the new name leverages 
the global power of the Rakuten brand.

SAN MATEO, CA, and TOKYO, JAPAN JULY 11, 2018—Slice Intelligence, the arbiter of e-commerce, today announced the appointment of Nick Stamos as its new CEO and the rollout of a new company name, Rakuten Intelligence.  Together, the moves signify the company’s evolution from startup to an established analytics and insights provider in the United States now ready for international expansion. 


Since 2011, Slice Intelligence has empowered the leading brands, retailers, and investors to make e-commerce data actionable, and is the most cited source for e-commerce data by the media with the world’s largest panel of online shoppers. Under the leadership of Stamos and as an independent subsidiary of Rakuten, Inc., the company will continue to offer trusted data and insights that leading brands, retailers, and investors rely upon on to better understand the online marketplace. 


“Our intelligence business has accomplished so much since its inception in 2011 with a world class roster of client partners and a panel of over five million U.S. members,” said Nick Stamos, CEO, Rakuten Intelligence.  “Today’s move to Rakuten Intelligence allows us to benefit from the power of the Rakuten brand, which is synonymous withe-commerce and innovation,and its 1.2 billion members worldwide as we take our business global.  I couldn’t be more excited as we start Rakuten Intelligence’s next chapter.”


As the sponsor of two prestigious sports franchises – FC Barcelona and the Golden State Warriors – the Rakuten name and logo is now recognized around the world.  Rakuten, which means optimism in Japanese, is among the most well-known brands in its home market of Japan and across Asia. 


“Rakuten Intelligence plays a significant role in guiding strategic decisions across Rakuten Group companies,” said Hiroshi “Mickey” Mikitani, founder, chairman and CEO of Rakuten Inc. “Rakuten’s mission is to empower people, and the information and insights that Rakuten Intelligence provides to merchants large and small empowers them to engage with their customers and do business better. I’m excited for the future of the business under Nick’s leadership, and the profound impact Rakuten Intelligence will have on the growth and development of e-commerce and all Rakuten Group companies.”


Please visit RakutenIntelligence.com to see the new logo and website.

About Rakuten Intelligence

Rakuten Intelligence is transforming e-commerce through its innovative market research products and consumer applications. Rakuten Intelligence provides trusted data and insights that help manufactures, retailers, technology companies, investors, and media better understand e-commerce, with the most complete and accurate view of the online shopper from the world’s largest online-shopper panel.Based in San Mateo, CA, Rakuten Intelligence is an independent, wholly-owned subsidiary of Rakuten. 


To learn more about Rakuten Intelligence, visit www.rakutenintelligence.com.