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From the Tank to the toilet: Squatty Potty sales are flush with Millennials

by Arye Zucker - June 26, 2019

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Few would be surprised to hear that an appearance on Shark Tank, the wildly popular ABC investment show, would prove to be a boon for almost any product. In fact, Scrub Daddy, one of the most successful products to get an investment from a “Shark”, saw its sales balloon after it was featured on an episode. Squatty Potty, not to be outdone, saw its own largest sales period coincide directly with its appearance on the show.

A featured segment on the show definitely goes a long way towards successful numbers, but it’s not the only thing that can be a shot in the arm for sales numbers. In January of 2016, Squatty Potty released a marketing video featuring a Unicorn - you know the one - and when that video went viral very soon after, Squatty Potty saw its largest sales period of its two year existence, only to be outdone again during the 2015 holiday shopping period, and again during Amazon’s Prime Day promotion in 2016 - 93 percent of Squatty Potty sales come from Amazon.

Shark Tank + viral video = sales gold

Through Slice’s data, it looks like releasing of a viral video goes a lot farther than an appearance on the show. Since the release of the infamous Unicorn video, Squatty Potty has outpaced Scrub Daddy, “Shark Tank’s” aforementioned most successful product, but a considerable margin.

Interestingly, Squatty Potty’s viral video also caused the average age of its buyers to drop, proving that if millennials love anything, it’s viral videos and rainbow-pooping unicorns. Add those two together and you’ve got yourself a winning formula for bathroom-accessory sales.

Millennials love the Squatty Potty

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