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Slice Intelligence Releases Amplify For Mobile Games

by Taylor Stanton - February 23, 2019

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SAN MATEO, CA - March 1, 2017 - Slice Intelligence, the leading e-commerce and analytics firm with a panel of 4.7 million online shoppers, today announced its release of Slice Intelligence Amplify, the only customer segmentation and acquisition platform to leverage actual consumer buying behavior to boost audience discovery and targeting.

Following its acquisition of Vibrant Data, Slice Intelligence aimed to create a new tool for marketers that would leverage Vibrant Data’s sophisticated algorithms to intelligently segment Slice’s massive shopper panel and enable marketers to better understand current and prospective customers.  

"Mobile game companies have relied heavily upon their own first-party data to understand their users and build lookalike models,” said Ron Kato, Vice President, Marketing Science, Slice Intelligence. “Like all marketing campaigns, there’s a diminishing return on this effort and eventually performance will decline. Amplify will identify new segments based on audience purchase behaviors that signal the strongest propensity to buy.”

Over the past year, Slice Intelligence leveraged its visibility into billions of e-commerce transactions, including in-app purchases across iTunes and Google Play, to help mobile game companies capture new, quality audiences by creating custom segments of high-value gamers.

“Amplify provides a unique view of our players that is beyond what our internal data can capture,” said Paul Murphy, CEO, Dots. “The biggest benefit to Dots is to see what our users are purchasing outside of the gaming category. This is data we've never had access to before, and it helps inform our marketing strategy and new game development.”

With Amplify, customers can compare their game audiences to competitors and export recommended and custom-built segments for lookalike targeting in Facebook.

Additionally, Amplify customers can:

Discover their audience’s spending habits, not only within games but also across retail brands

- Benchmark their game’s share of spend and performance rank among different user segments versus competitors

- Acquire high-LTV audiences through curated campaigns powered by data-driven recommendations

- Export seed audiences easily to run smarter lookalike campaigns on Facebook

Slice Intelligence will debut Amplify at the Game Developer’s Conference (#234 South Hall) today in San Francisco.

Slice Intelligence

Founded in 2010, Slice Intelligence is the arbiter of e-commerce measurement. Our data and research insights are drawn from 4.7 million online shoppers, the largest and most representative online shopper panel. Our proprietary methodology enables Slice Intelligence to parse online purchase records from e-receipts in near real-time. Based in San Mateo, CA, Slice is the most widely-cited media source on e-commerce, and is an independent, wholly-owned subsidiary of Rakuten.