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Super Mario Run nets 30 percent of mobile game spending with Apple

by Taylor Stanton - February 23, 2019

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Super Mario Run just sprinted into the app store and despite lackluster reviews, it accounted for 30 percent of all mobile game spending on iOS devices during the first three days after launch. In-app spending on Mario even surpassed Pokémon GO, the former mobile game king.

Super Mario's premiere had more buyers than Pokémon GO

Super Mario Run's launch day was bigger than Pokémon GO's July 6 premiere with 3.3 times the number of in game spenders heading to the Mushroom Kingdom. While the game's launch day was impressive, the population of spenders declined the next two days. This trend differs from Pokémon GO's trajectory, which took nine days to reach its peak paying population. When Pokémon GO did reach its nadir on July 15, the number of in-game spenders was 74 percent larger than Super Mario Run's launch day.

Super millennial bros

Millennials are helping drive Mario's mobile popularity and account for 43 percent of the spending population. Pokémon GO spenders are similar in age to Mario players. These players are younger than the wider mobile gaming population, however, where we see GenX account for the largest portion of spending.

Nearly everyone paying for Mario is male – maybe it's the mustache. Eighty percent of paying players are men. In contrast, women account for 42 percent of the Pokémon GO paying pool, and 51 percent of all other mobile games.

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