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Slice Technologies acquires Vibrant Data to bring a new dimension to e-commerce data

by Taylor Stanton - February 23, 2019

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Slice builds upon its investments in data science and visualizations as it delivers the world’s richest e-commerce dataset and customer experience

SAN MATEO, CA—JUNE 29 2016—Slice Technologies, whose products and services make the world’s highest-fidelity commerce data actionable, has acquired Vibrant Data, which reveals non-obvious patterns in complex, high dimensional data, for an undisclosed sum.

“With the acquisition of Vibrant Data, Slice is changing the way people interact with data,” said Harpinder Singh, co-founder and CEO, Slice. “Vibrant Data’s algorithms reveal an entirely new dimension in Slice data that will enable brands, retailers, and manufacturers to understand their customers and consumer buying behavior better than ever before.”

With the mission of making sense out of complex data, Vibrant Data was founded in 2013 by a team of luminaries in science, technology, and data visualization. All TED Fellows, co-founders Kaustuv DeBiswas, David Gurman, and Eric Berlow, are each recognized with top accolades in their respective fields: Artificial Intelligence, design, and ecology.

Inspired by the complex interdependencies in nature, DeBiswas, a technologist and entrepreneur, Gurman, a designer and data artist, and Berlow, an ecologist and network scientist, developed a new breed of algorithms that reveal hidden patterns in complexity. The result was an innovative interface that quickly maps data relationships, enabling discovery and exploration.

“Our technology has been used to map everything from conflict zones, to creativity, and commerce,” said DeBiswas, CEO, Vibrant Data. “The depth and breadth of the data set that Slice has amassed is rich medium for our algorithms to surface new business opportunities for Slice clients, and for Slice itself. I’m confident we will thrive at Slice and I’m excited to see what we create with this talented team.”

DeBiswas and the entire Vibrant Data team will join Slice and operate from its San Mateo, CA headquarters. As senior director at Slice, DeBiswas will continue to lead Vibrant Data product development alongside Gurman, head of design, and Berlow, head of science. 

About Slice Technologies

Slice is online shopping, smarter. Slice’s technology automatically identifies e-receipts within inboxes and extracts every data point about every purchase to create digital commerce products that delight consumers and create business value for partners. Slice is transforming online shopping and retail by unveiling never-before-seen digital commerce data via its APIs, information products and consumer applications.

Based in San Mateo, CA, Slice is an independent, wholly-owned subsidiary of Rakuten. To learn more about Slice, visit www.slice.com.