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Holiday shopping guide: Get the best price on the season's must-have toys

by Taylor Stanton - May 16, 2019

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Slice Intelligence is helping online shoppers get the best holiday deals by tracking the hottest toys and games from a list compiled by NPD, and reporting where to buy them at the lowest price.

The graphic also shows how each toy's average price has changed since November 1. You can click on the retailer icon to go directly to where you can buy the product at the lowest price from the past week. 

For example, Pokémon Sun and Moon is currently the most popular item on our selected list. The new game has been purchased 1.1 times more than the Pie Face board game, the second most popular toy on our list. Online shoppers spent an average of $46 on Pokémon Sun and Moon this week, up $11 since the holiday season began. The lowest price we've seen for the game since December 11 is $13.98, via a seller on Amazon.