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Eco-friendly diaper sales sag online as traditional brands dominate

by Jaimee Minney - June 26, 2019

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Despite a wide variety of eco-friendly diapering options available to consumers, 89 percent of online diaper sales are of traditional disposable diaper brands, led by Pampers, which comprises 55 percent of the total online market. Overall, diaper sales account for 2.2 percent of all consumer packaged goods sold online, and the average person spends between $74 and $101 per year on them.

Sales of eco-friendly brands flat in a slowly-growing market

Overall, online sales of diapers grew modestly--at nine percent year-over-year, about half the rate of all all e-commerce. Sales of eco-friendly diapers have been soft. After declining at the end of last year, sales picked up in the first quarter, returning to the levels we saw in May  2015, the first month of the period under measurement. Seventh Generation is the leading green brand, with 28 percent of sales. Sixty-seven percent of all green brands are sold on Amazon, followed by Amazon-owned Diapers.com and Target.com, with 12 and nine percent share, respectively.

Hardly anyone is buying cloth diapers online. Less than one percent of online sales were of cloth diapers, and 56 percent of them were bought on Amazon, followed by Target and ToysRUs.

Demographics shed little light on buying preferences

Demographics shed little light on a consumer's likelihood to go green with their diapering choices. The group who spends the most on eco-friendly brands is also the group that purchases all brands -- the 25 to 35-year-old demographic. Green diaper buyers are slightly more educated slightly wealthier, and index slightly higher among 35-44-year-olds and those over 65.

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