Direct Data

Get Rakuten Intelligence's High-Definition data delivered directly into your reporting platform on a weekly basis to power smarter marketing decisions and product strategies. It’s our data, the way you want it.

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  • Big Data, Bigger Panel

    Comprehensive transcation data from 5 million online shoppers.

  • Extensive Industry Coverage

    Coverage from 2013 onward, spanning 30+ industry categories.

  • Specialized Verticals

    Emerging businesses in travel, transportation, and more.

Weekly data, plugged into your platform.

Rakuten Intelligence offers complete visibility into all online purchases. This rich, longitudinal data set includes the adoption of emerging services such as ride and home sharing, as well as digital media consumption.

  • Timely

    Act on market moves as soon as they happen.

  • Longitudinal

    Observe changes in consumer loyalty and product adoption.

  • Behavioral Insights

    Monitor and identify changes in consumer preferences.

  • Demographics

    Understand the market through the eyes of the consumer.

  • Product-Level

    Precise attributes, with industry-specific categorization.

  • Custom Fields & Modules

    Tune our data to measure what drives your business.

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